Automatic Keg Washer CCC V1


Single station Automatic keg washer.

Aiming to simplify the keg washing day, it’s never been easier to wash kegs. Simply press two green buttons and off you go. The machine will go through the entire process step by step to end up with a ready-to-fill container. With 17 KPH* speed, this is a workhorse for the small craft brewery.

Our software will monitor the process during the wash and it will reject any bad containers or it will inform the operator if any of your services are outside specification for a perfect wash. This takes all the stress out of your washing day.

The machine coupled with the 25kg Steam Generator will make sure that your containers are fully sterile and ready for fill.


Services required:

16A 3 Phase power supply

Compressed Air for control and for process ( recommended 8 Bar G and around 30 CFM)

Compressed CO2 Supply ( recommended bottled bank with heater for best results)

Steam 3 bar @ 25kg/h

Clean water @ 2bar @ 2-3 m3/h

Machnie can be ordered as a mobile unit or stationery with articulated feet.

The space required for the machine is less than 2 euro pallets worth of your precious working space. With the option for the machine to be mobile it can be set up the same way as mobile canning ( simply roll into place connect and off you go!)



*speed is based on a 50-second steam hold step.

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