Farm Yard Brew Co harvest big savings after investing in keg washer

Collective Motion Brewing worked with Farm Yard Brew Co to oversee the commissioning of a refurbished Lambrechts machine, delivering cost savings which demonstrate the value of brewers investing in their own keg washing equipment.

Lancashire-based Farm Yard Brew Co is one of the brightest success stories in the UK’s independent brewing sector. Its origins date back to 2017 at Moss Edge Farm, Cockerham, which has been in the Holmes Family for six generations. At that time, Steve Holmes realised the farm wasn’t sustainable in the long term, so he took the bold step to transform the site into a brewery.

The business has been a remarkable success, with the brewery adding a taproom and growing to a capacity of 400,000 litres. Farm Yard Brew Co have won multiple industry awards including Best UK Craft Taproom and Great Taste Awards given to various beers in their range.

This year, Steve decided to look at expanding the capability of his facilities with in-house keg washing. Mindful of the prohibitive cost of brand-new machinery, Steve purchased a 2015 Lambrechts keg washer-filler from another brewery in the south of England which didn’t have the infrastructure and utilities to run the machine. The Lambrechts brand has an excellent reputation in the industry, but the equipment would need a little TLC and engineering expertise to return it to its former glory. The project required a refurbishment of the machine followed by its installation along with software, pipelines and a steam boiler. The task was quite daunting, so Steve turned to Collective Motion Brewing for advice and support.

Steve explained:
“I’ve worked with Collective Motion Brewing in the past and they come highly recommended from many people I know in the industry. It was a challenging installation, so it was very reassuring to have their experience and expertise. They compiled a shopping list of requirements needed to get the machine operating with 100% efficiency and helped us to bring it all together. Their team sourced replacement parts, including the washer head and filler head. They supported the installation and worked with our engineers on the pipeline fitting. Dominic at Collective Motion Brewing got  the software up and running and completed the commissioning of the machine.”

Steve has been impressed with the level of support which  Collective Motion Brewing were able to provide at every stage of the project. He also offered positive feedback about the value we offer.

Steve said:
“Collective Motion Brewing’s service was super-smooth. They got on with the job with no fuss, worked within our timeframes, and were very effective. They have the knowledge and confidence to deal with manufactures and suppliers. They liaised with our supplier and took a lot of the time and hassle out of our hands. They sourced parts at very competitive prices which must have minimal profit margins, so we knew that we were working with a company that is not driven  by money alone. We know that Dominic will always pick up the phone if we have any issues and need any support.”

Seeking Collective Motion Brewing’s help in maximising the potential of second-hand machinery is already proving to be a very smart move. Steve has done his sums and is delighted with the savings which his new equipment is making.

Steve said:
“The combined purchase and installation costs of the second-hand machine amounted to around £40,000, saving us between £90,000 to £100,000 on the equivalent costs for a brand-new machine. We used to outsource our keg washing, but doing it in-house is making big savings on running costs. Washing previously cost us £6 per keg and now it’s just £2.50 per keg, not to mention all the time savings involved. We think that the Lambrechts machine  will pay for itself within two years.

We’ve now signed up to Collective Motion Brewing’s annual maintenance programme to make sure our facilities remain in smooth operation. Having them available gives us total peace of mind.”

Dominic Smith, Director at Collective Motion Brewing, said:
“Farm Yard Brew Co is an outstanding brewery with a very forward-thinking approach to everything they do. It’s an amazing location, with an award-winning taproom, a constantly changing selection of food vendors and regular live music in rural surroundings.  We were delighted to assist them in the latest development of their facilities. Farm Yard Brew Co is one of an increasing number of independent brewers which have identified the benefits of having their own keg washing systems instead of relying on an external supplier.”