Manufacturing experts team up to serve brewing industry

Collective Motion Brewing  have teamed up with another specialist in manufacturing equipment to help brewers maximise consistency in their production through enhanced automation.

We are working in partnership with KROHNE, a world-leading manufacturer of industrial instrumentation, to introduce flow tracking technology to keg filling processes for clients throughout the UK and Europe. Collective Motion Brewing are utilising KROHNE’s in-line and battery-operated flowmeters to enhance the accuracy of keg washer fillers with a repeatable transfer operation and reliable monitoring of flow rate, total flow and temperature.

Dominic Smith, Director at Collective Motion Brewing, said:

“The growing use of flowmeters to enable precision batch control is part of a wider trend of increased automation within the industry. We integrate KROHNE’s electromagnetic flowmeters into our clients’ existing keg systems as well as supplying them for new facilities and equipment upgrades in conjunction with our own range of compact keg washer fillers. KROHNE’s flowmeters are best-in-class for temperature range, accuracy, pressure drop and flow range. We’ve received a lot of demand from smaller brewing businesses keen to move away from keg couplers and less efficient methods of filling.”

Chris Lawler, Regional Sales Manager at KROHNE, said:

“These technologies are useful for breweries of all sizes, but they are especially suitable for smaller brewing businesses and microbreweries. They value the ultra-compact design for parallel installation and tight spaces, as well as ease of operation, with simple handling and no mobile devices needed for set-up.”

Featuring a high turn-down ratio, KROHNE’s flowmeters are designed for flow measurement of conductive liquids on mobile flow systems, dosing skids and other applications in industrial automation. The technology comes with multiple application and device data ranging from volume and total flow to medium temperature to various self-diagnostics such as low supply voltage or exceeding flow range. Its versatile functionality enables use for flow measurement of beer, cider or cleaning agents as well as to control CIP parameters like temperature.  Collective Motion Brewing has invested in Research & Development to expand its own product range and sees synergy with KROHNE’s products as an essential part of its offering.

Tomasz Lenartowicz, Director at Collective Motion Brewing, said:

“We are currently developing a design for a new budget keg filler unit which will be an ideal companion for KROHNE’s compact flowmeters.  As a combination, the two products will allow brewers to improve consistency in their product transfer without incurring huge additional cost at a time when the industry is facing financial pressure from high energy prices.”