Keg washer filler – Compact

Full Automatic Compact Keg washer filler.

Full Automatic Keg washer filler, Designed to take the time and hassle out of kegging operations, our Compact Keg Washer Filler is fast, efficient, user-friendly, and ultra-reliable. This fully automated system will suit facilities of all shapes and sizes. Sankey-type spear as standard (other on request). Brand new with 12 months
manufacturer warranty.

Single stations (Wash and fill Sankey-type keg )
25 per hour Washed to stock

40 per hour Fill from stock

20 per hour wash to fill

All 3 process tanks integrated into the machine body :
1 off HLT (18kw Heating element)
1 off prewash tank
1 off detergent tank with 6kw heating element

Full temperature and process control. Fully adjustable filling levels, internal CIP, metered fill, HMI/PLC controller, and Steam Sterilisation. Brand new with 12 months warranty.

Installation commissioning and training are included in the price.

Services needed:
63A 3-phase supply
0.6kg steam per keg (Steam generator recommended for the machine)
Compressed air @ 6 bar
CO2 @4 bar
Product @ temperature and pressure.


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